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Our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion – Working Toward Gender Balance

7 March 2022

Permanent tsb is an equal opportunities employer committed to creating a professional environment in which our employees feel valued, included and empowered to succeed in their career, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, race, religion, ability/disability, background or life experiences.

We have made significant progress across a number of areas since the launch of our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy. Actions taken particularly on gender balance include:

  • We have completed a review of all of our recruitment and promotion processes with a D&I lens to ensure the avoidance of bias in these processes.
  • We measure our gender gap and gender pay gap and have committed to take steps to remediate the gaps where necessary.
  • We have committed to address gender inequality with community initiatives such as WorkEqual, Balance for Better Business, the 30% Club and EY’s Triple Female Fast Forward Mentoring programme.
  • The development of focused inclusive leadership development programmes that support career development.
  • The promotion and role modelling of New Ways of Working, such as reduced hours, home working, and compressed hours, which support enhanced flexibility and work life balance, for all colleagues.
  • Establishing an Employee Resource Group “Better Balance” to tackle challenges around gender balance. We have worked with Better Balance to achieve all the above, but as a network they have achieved much more…

Better Balance – Our Employee Resource Group for achieving Gender Balance

To support the delivery of our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, we have set up a number of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), whose aim is to enable employees to join together based on shared characteristics or life experiences. There are currently five ERGs in place, including Better Balance, our Network for Gender Balance.

Better Balance has an Executive Sponsor who supports the Better Balance Committee and team to achieve our Ambition – ‘To be the catalyst for change in achieving Gender Balance in Permanent TSB.’

The Better Balance Network looks to achieve Gender Balance through

  • Networking: To Support women in building their network internally and externally
  • Mentoring: To create a supportive peer network/advisory support for women
  • Development: To support the development of women in achieving their career goals

To date, Better Balance has achieved / continues to achieve the following:

  • We engage with the 30% Club (a business campaign aiming to boost the number of women in board seats and executive leadership of companies all over the world) and promote events throughout the year.
  • During the week of International Women’s Day, we run events and initiatives such as our Spotlights programme – highlighting female colleagues across the organisation through a series of spotlight interviews.
  • Host “Lean In Circles” – the Lean In initiative aims to provide support and encouragement to all members, men and women, to help them overcome challenges and further develop themselves.
  • We also celebrate International Men’s Day and run Spotlights during the week of IMD as well as offer supports to male colleagues on a wide range of topics through communications and events.

All of the events organised by the Better Balance Network are open to all of our colleagues and we encourage and hope everyone will get involved.

We are really proud of all that our Better Balance Network has achieved and the progress that has been made in supporting gender balance within our organisation.

Learn more about PTSB’s wider commitment to Diversity & Inclusion HERE.

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