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An introduction to our people and what they do

We are a community serving a community. Permanent tsb has a long banking history stemming over 200 years, making us one of Ireland's longest serving financial services institutions.

For us, it’s about supporting our customers on an individual basis and we have a range of simple business banking solutions for your daily banking and lending needs, all delivered with personal support.

We take the time to understand your business. Where we can provide what is sought we execute at speed, and we will provide alternative solutions where relevant. 

  • We are quick to respond
  • We remain solution focused
  • Simplicity is key
  • We understand your business by applying Sectoral Expertise allowing us to help, prepare and respond to market issues
  • We listen, structure and support to realise opportunities
  • We partner with relevant experts

Our dedicated team of specialised Business Banking Managers are available to meet in person, at a customer’s business premises, over the phone, and through our nationwide network of almost 100 branches.

Meet our Business Banking Management team

Tom Leahy.jpg  Tom Leahy

  Title: Head of Business Banking

  Email: tom.leahy@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 976 8816

Elaine2.PNG  Elaine Dunne

  Title: Regional and Sectoral Head of Business Banking
  Location: North East and West

  Email: elaine.dunne@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 773 6803

Mark Harris.PNG  Mark Harris

  Title: Regional and Sectoral head of Business Banking
  Location: South and South East

  Email: markd.harris@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 113 9021

Dave Mc.PNG  David McCarthy

  Title: Regional and Sectoral head of Business Banking
  Location: Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow

  Email: dave.mccarthy@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 361 1838

Business Managers - Dublin Kildare Wicklow

  Robert Byrne

  Title: Business Banking Manager

  Email: Robert.a.Byrne@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 149 7696

  Philip Carey

  Title: Business Banking Manager

  Email: philip.carey@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 338 0883

  Niamh Griffin

  Title: Business Banking Manager

  Email: Niamh.Griffin@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 052 8346

RobbieK.PNG  Robert Kelly

  Title: Business Banking Manager

  Email: Robert.Kelly@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 956 5824

  Emma Lohan

  Title: Business Banking Manager

  Email: Emma.Lohan@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 052 8346

  Wayne McNamara

  Title: Business Banking Manager

  Email: Wayne.Mcnamara@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 281 7151

  Ciarán Scanlon

  Title: Business Banking Manager

  Email: ciaran.scanlon@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 260 1921

Business Managers - North East and West

Damian McMahon.PNG  Damian McMahon

  Title: Business Banking Manager
  Location: Galway County, Laois, Offaly and Mullingar

  Email: damian.mcmahon@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 993 2453

Cathal Lyndon.PNG  Cathal Lydon

  Title: Business Banking Manager
  Location: Galway City, Longford, Leitrim, Roscommon & Athlone

  Email: cathal.lydon@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 166 4800

Gary Alcorn.PNG  Gary Alcorn

  Title: Business Banking Manager
  Location: Donegal and Sligo

  Email: gary.alcorn@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 903 5199

Shirley Walsh.PNG  Shirley Walsh

  Title: Business Banking Manager
  Location: Meath

  Email: shirley.walsh@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 231 5314

Ken Ganley.PNG  Ken Ganly

  Title: Business Banking Manager
  Location: Mayo

  Email: kenneth.ganly@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 220 3874

Stephen Mahon.PNG  Stephen Mahon

  Title: Business Banking Manager
  Location: Cavan, Monaghan and Louth

  Email: stephen.mahon@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 126 0754

Business Managers - South and South East

Shane Walsh.PNG  Shane Walsh

  Title: Business Banking Manager
  Location: Limerick and Kerry

  Email: shane.walsh@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 716 8079

Auriol Kelly.PNG  Auriol Kelly

  Title: Business Banking Manager
  Location:  Cork County

  Email: auriol.kelly@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 086 855 0412

Sinead Connolly.PNG  Sinead Connolly

  Title: Business Banking Manager
  Location: Limerick and Clare

  Email: sinead.connolly@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 931 2932

Anna Buckley.PNG  Anna Buckley

  Title: Business Banking Manager
  Location: Cork City and County

  Email: anna.buckley@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 452 1002

Robert Leonard.PNG  Robbie Leonard

  Title: Business Banking Manager
  Location: Southeast

  Email: robert.leonard@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 127 5597

Maurice Fitzpatrick.PNG  Maurice Fitzpatrick

  Title: Business Banking Manager
  Location: South Midlands

  Email: maurice.fitzpatrick@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 246 6391

Patrick Ryan.PNG  Paddy Ryan

  Title: Business Banking Manager
  Location: Tipperary

  Email: patrick.ryan@permanenttsb.ie

  Phone: 087 937 8859


Manage your business funds online with our dedicated online banking for business customers.

Business Support

Read the Guide for Micro & Small Enterprises and Guarantors: Regulations on Lending to Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises published by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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