Competitive returns on regular savings or lump sums

A wide range of deposit options are available offering competitive returns on regular savings or lump sum investments. Savings can be accessible on demand, on notice or after a fixed term.

  • Fixed Term Deposit Accounts: offer a fixed rate of interest for a defined term. Terms are available from 3 months up to 5 years and a minimum balance of €5,000 is required.
  • Demand Deposit Accounts: offer a variable interest rate and allow you to access your funds whenever you need them with no minimum balance required.
  • Notice Deposit Accounts: offer a variable interest rate and access to funds provided a set period of notice is given with no minimum balance required.
  • Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts: for those who want to maintain their deposits in a non- euro currency, Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts are available in a number of currencies with demand, notice and fixed options on offer.

Opening a Business Deposit Account

Call into your local branch to make an appointment to open a Business Deposit Account. You can also call our Business Help Team on 1890 500 177 or +353 1 215 1363 to book an appointment.

What you will need

Every business customer will have different requirements. The supporting documentation we require will also change depending on your needs.

Find out more about the documents you’ll need.

Please note that further information may be required.

Terms and conditions apply. Please see our Terms & Conditions and Personal & Business banking charges booklets for full details. Interest is subject to Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT) at the prevailing rate where applicable.


Manage your business funds online with our dedicated online banking for business customers.

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