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At permanent tsb, our primary concern is the safety of our colleagues, customers and communities. We will continue to support our customers and communities by providing essential banking services in all our branches nationwide.

Our branch opening hours are from 10.00am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Cash desks are open from 10.00am to 3.00pm, Monday to Friday.

While the majority of our branches will continue to operate at full service, a small number of our branches will temporarily offer automated cash services only. This means through our in-branch QuickBank Machines you can still lodge cash and cheques, withdraw up to €1,500 in cash per day, withdraw bank drafts, check your recent transactions and pay money onto your permanent tsb Credit Card. You can also continue to withdraw up to €700 cash from any ATM or cash back at point of sale daily, meaning a total of up to €2,200 can be withdrawn from any automated cash services only branch.

We continue to operate priority banking hours for elderly and vulnerable customers between 10.30am - 12pm Monday to Friday. Additional precautions are in place for our branches including extra cleaning and sanitisation, and social distancing measures.

These temporary changes to our branch network allow us to continue to provide an essential service to our customers and communities, during these challenging and unprecedented times.

Branch and ATM Banking FAQs

Which branches will temporarily have automated cash services?


Automated Cash Service Branch

Next Nearest Full Cash Service Branch

Eyre Square

Galway Shopping Centre




Baggot Street




Blanchardstown Shopping Centre
Can I still lodge Cash and Cheques?

Yes, you can continue to lodge cash and cheques through the Self Service QuickBank Machines within all of our branches.

Can I still lodge or avail of Coin?

You can continue to lodge or avail of coin in all branches that continue to offer a full cash service.  However, coin lodgements or withdrawals will not be available at our Automated Cash Service Only branches.

I've lost my card and need to take out cash. What can I do?

The first thing you can do is withdraw emergency cash from any ATM; this will save you going to a branch. To do this you simply, log in to online banking at, select "Mobile Banking" from the menu, go to the Emergency Cash panel and then select "Send Emergency Cash". You can then collect this emergency cash at any permanent tsb ATM. There is no charge for this service. Find out more on Emergency Cash here.  

You can also visit one of our branches that are currently operating at full service to withdraw cash at the cash desk. Please ensure you bring your photographic identification such as a passport or drivers licence to withdraw cash in branch. 

Can I continue to exchange Foreign Cash or Cheques

Automated Cash Service Branches will not provide Foreign Exchange. However, you can continue to buy Foreign Exchange through our fully operational branches.

I currently pay my mortgage or rent over the counter with cash. Can I continue to do this in an Automated Cash Service location?

In branches that are temporarily Automated Cash Service Branches it will not be possible to pay your mortgage over the counter, but you can visit the nearest fully operational branch. Details of nearest branch location can be found here. You can however set up a regular payment for your mortgage payment by contacting our customer service agents in Open24. Alternatively, you can contact your mortgage provider who can set up a monthly Direct Debit.

You can set up a regular payment for your rent to be paid on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis by contacting our customer service agents in Open24. In branches that are temporarily Automated Cash Service Branches it will not be possible to pay your rent over the counter, but you can visit the nearest fully operational branch. Details of nearest branch location can be found here.

For your health and safety we encourage you to use contactless payments where possible.  Using contactless payments is safe, secure and fast. All you need to do is tap your permanent tsb Visa debit or credit card at the shop terminal wherever you see the Contactless symbol. To help and support our customers at this time, we have increased our contactless limits from €30 to €50.

Occasionally you will have to enter your PIN to carry out another transaction as an additional security measure. Some retailers may not be able to accept Contactless transactions over €30.

To keep up to date on any disruptions to our services please continue to check for updates on

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What can you do at a permanent tsb ATM?

With your ATM or Visa Debit Card you can:

  • Withdraw up to €700 cash
  • View your balance
  • Get a mini-statement
  • Request an up-to-date postal statement
  • Request a chequebook
  • Change your security PIN
  • Get details on your other permanent tsb accounts


QuickBank is the handy orange self-service machine you may have seen in your branch. It’s fast and convenient and helps you beat the queue! 

What can you do at the QuickBank machine?

  • Lodge cash (excluding coins). The lodgement will show on your account the same day.
  • Withdraw up to €1,500 cash per day.
  • Lodge cheques – they will be processed that day and will clear 5 working days later. We’ll even print a copy of the cheque you’ve just lodged! Foreign cheques cannot be accepted at the machine.
  • Check your recent transactions.
  • Pay money into your permanent tsb credit card (excluding coins).

And all you need is your bank card and PIN.

Terms and Conditions apply. Some transaction charges may apply to Visa Credit Cards and some Current Accounts please see our Personal and Business Banking Charges Brochure for details.

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