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By sending this application form, you agree:

  1. to the Visa Credit Card Terms and Conditions and Fees and Charges
  2. to our Terms of Business
  3. to acknowledge the Data Protection Notice
  4. to permanent tsb contacting you in relation to the completion of this application
  5. you have read and understood the Visa Credit Card information provided

Using your personal data

In providing personal banking services to you, we need to process personal data about you. This involves asking you for specific personal data, processing this personal data and storing it for a period of time. An explanation of how your personal data is used in the provision of our services to you, our running of the bank and your rights in relation to your personal data is provided in our Data Protection Summary.

If you would like a copy of the full Data Protection Notice, please ask a branch staff member, call Open24 on 1890 500 121 or view it in our Data Protection Notice section.

Permanent tsb Credit Checking and Reporting

Under the Central Bank’s Consumer Protection Code we are not permitted to offer you a credit product that you cannot afford. Therefore, in advance of granting you a credit product of any type, we will check your credit rating against the Central Credit Register and the Irish Credit Bureau. This information supports a full and accurate assessment of your ability to repay.

In addition, we are required by law to ensure that the Central Credit Register is kept up to date and we report personal and credit information to the Central Credit Register.

We also report credit facilities to the Irish Credit Bureau (“ICB”) in the legitimate interests of the Bank and the ICB. Please see the ICB’s data protection notice, which details how the ICB will process your personal data, and how you may exercise your rights in respect of your personal data held by the ICB.

Further information in relation to our disclosure of your personal data to the Central Credit Register and the ICB can be found in our Data Protection Notice

Terms & Conditions

You can only apply for a credit card if you live in the Republic of Ireland

What is Eircode?

An Eircode is seven character alpha-numeric code made up of two parts. E.g. A65 F4E2

Am I a Customer?

You are a permanent tsb customer if you have a bank account, credit card, savings account, loan, mortgage or any other service with permanent tsb

How do I find my open24 number?

This is the number you use to login to online banking. Your Open24 number is printed on the back of your permanent tsb debit card. If you don't bank online, or don't have a permanent tsb card, just leave this box blank.

What do you mean by dependants?

This is the number of people who are financially dependent on you. E.g. children

We'll need proof of your immigration status

We need you to provide proof of your immigration status (e.g. a copy of your Stamp 4)


What is gross salary?

This is the amount you are paid per year before tax, without any benefits, commissions or extras. E.g. 42000

More on when we'll call you back

During peak times we may not always be able to call at the requested time. If we don't manage to catch you we may drop you a text to let you know we have called.

What happens when I transfer my balance?

If you transfer your balance over from another credit card, you'll pay 0% APR on the balance transfer for 6 months.

What is a desired Credit Limit?

This is the maximum limit you can spend on your credit card(e.g. €4000) Our minimum credit limit is always €1000. Request a credit limit in line with your income and borrowing commitments.

What is my Current Credit Limit?

This is the maximum limit you can spend on your current credit card(e.g. €3000). If you are not sure of the exact limit, give us an approximate.

What is an Outstanding Balance?

This is the amount left to pay on your current credit card(e.g. €1500). If you are not sure of the exact amount, give us an approximate.

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