Getting Brexit Ready

At permanent tsb, we appreciate that you may be concerned about the impact Brexit may have on you. That is why we are here to help you and have put in place necessary structures to support you during this uncertain period. We’re here to support you, particularly those of you most impacted by Brexit such as those residing in border counties, working in the Tourism Sector or operating an Agri/Food Business.

If you have any questions in relation to how Brexit might impact you, our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below may help.

If you have a question not covered in our FAQ, please get in touch with our teams in Branch or call us on 1890 500 121 or 01 212 4101

Product Information

Can I still drawdown my loan/mortgage?

Brexit has no impact on your ability to drawdown your loan or mortgage.

Can I cancel my loan/mortgage?

Brexit has no impact on terms and conditions, including your cooling off period.

Will Foreign Exchange (FX) fees on my credit card go up/change?

FX fees will remain as per terms and conditions but are subject to change.

Will Brexit impact interest rates that could then impact my mortgage/loan rate?

We don’t expect Brexit to impact your mortgage and loan rate in the short term but we will keep our customers up to date if there are any changes.

What does this mean for my GBP accounts?

There will be no impact on your GBP Accounts.

I heard my UK drivers licence can no longer be used to open an account, is this true? Can I still use it to withdraw cash from the cash desk as I have no other ID or card?

Once Brexit happens, this will be true as a UK licence will not be acceptable for AML purposes. It will acceptable as one form of secondary ID but not enough on its own. UK licences will be still valid for withdrawals but we will notify you if this changes.

Foreign Exchange Queries

Can I still get sterling?

Yes, we will still sell and buy sterling notes and drafts/cheques after any Brexit deadline.

Where can I get information on Foreign Exchange (FX)Rates?

Please refer to the permanent tsb webpage or phone app for the daily foreign exchange rates.

Is there any change to the amount of GBP cash I can lodge or withdraw?

Current limits will still apply. If for some reason there were to be unusual volumes of currency movements, we would reserve the right introduce limits on the volumes we transact.

Will exchange fees increase?

Exchange rates are variable and will continue to move in line with market exchange rate movements - commissions remain as per terms and conditions but are subject to change.

Is now a good time to buy Sterling?

It is difficult to predict the likely impact on exchange rates. As we don’t offer FX products, we cannot provide advice on FX movements to customers.

Can I still withdraw cash in the UK?

Yes, cash withdrawals in the UK will not be affected.

Payments to and from the United Kingdom

Will payments to UK accounts still happen under Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)?

Yes, the European Payment Council approved the UK Finance Application to remain as part of SEPA, in the event of a “No Deal” Brexit.

Will it take longer now to transfer money to the UK?

There should be no changes in payment processing time to the UK.

I am in receipt of pension/salary income from UK, will this change?

We don’t believe there will be any impact on payments to and from UK companies. However, we cannot comment on issues that might happen with the UK Banks.

Is there any additional paperwork to be completed by Account holder for making or receiving Ireland-UK payments?

We are not aware of any reason why this would need to happen at the moment.

Will I still be able to buy goods and services online from sites such as Amazon?

We expect that you will be able to continue to use your permanent tsb Visa Card for ordering from UK companies; however goods may be subject to increased taxes or tariffs. This will likely depend on the nature of the withdrawal agreement or the absence of a withdrawal agreement.

Will there be additional charges on transactions Euro to GBP, Euro to Euro, GBP to GBP?

Exchange Rates are variable and will continue to move in line with market exchange rate movements - commissions remain as per terms and conditions but are subject to change.

Will I need to set up any standing orders or direct debits again?

We are not aware of any reason why these would need to be setup again.

Data Protection

Does PTSB transfer my personal data to the UK?

Your personal data may, at times, be transferred to the UK in connection with transactions on your account (e.g. if you lodge a sterling cheque or make a payment to a UK Bank account).  Any such transfers to the UK are made in accordance with applicable data protection law. 

Help & Support

Who can I contact if I want to speak to someone about how Brexit will impact on my financial circumstances?

You can contact permanent tsb on the below number to make a branch appointment to speak to a qualified financial advisors» Our Main Open24 number is 0818 50 24 24

What is the process for customers in financial difficulty?

If you are having trouble meeting your Mortgage, Credit Card or Personal Loan repayments or are worried that you may have trouble in the future, please get in touch.

We have a dedicated team available to take your call on 1800 855 010 or + 353 21 601 3800.

Further information can be found on the BPFI website here: BPFI 

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