Protect your kids online

Just like you, it’s important when your child is shopping online they are protected. Using up-to-date good quality internet security software is always a good idea but you should also protect your children in other ways. Make sure that your child:

  • Is aware of unsolicited emails asking for bank card or PIN numbers and never divulges this information.
  • Checks the URL when providing payment details for an online purchase; the "http" in the address bar should turn into a "https".
  • Checks the lock symbol on any website's homepage to see if it's secure before entering security details.
  • Is aware that purchases from private sellers may be more at risk than those from registered businesses. They should buy from well known companies where possible.

 Quick Tips

  • Check: Make sure you check out any sites your children are visiting when shopping online, and see what kind of information the sites ask for.
  • Discuss: Get into the habit of discussing with your child, the risks and benefits of disclosing certain information, especially in a public forum like the internet.
  • Read: Take a look at websites security setting, this should tell you how the site processes payments
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