Verified by Visa

It’s now even safer to shop online! Shopping online has become an important part of our lives today. At permanent tsb we want you to benefit from added security when shopping online by registering for our Verified by Visa service. This service helps protect your credit card against any unauthorised use when shopping at participating sites.

How do I register?

You can register and select a password for the Verified by Visa service now at the links below.

You will need to create 3 things:

  • a Password
  • a User ID
  • a Personal Assurance Message (PAM) - When completing a purchase at participating online sites your PAM will be displayed. This will confirm that it is a genuine Verified by Visa protected purchase.

The password that you select will also need to be used each time you make an online purchase at participating sites. This will act like an electronic signature when making purchases, so only you can use your card online.

What happens if I don’t register my card?

If you don’t register your card here you will be asked to register during checkout at participating online sites. Some sites may not allow you to complete your purchase until you register your card.

Already Registered?

Log into your Account Assistant now at the link below and you can -

  • Reset your password
  • Modify your PAM
  • View your Verified by Visa protected transactions
  • Update your details
Register your Visa Debit or Credit Card now Verified by Visa Account Assistant

Note: By clicking on the links above you will be redirected to an external site. Your use of the external website is subject to the terms of that site

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