Emergency Cash FAQ's

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How do I use Emergency Cash?

You need to register for mobile banking through online banking Open24. Then you can set up a transaction online.


  • Login to online banking Open24
  • Select "Mobile Banking" from the menu
  • Go to the Emergency Cash panel and select "Send Emergency Cash"
  • Select the amount of Emergency Cash you wish to send (€20, €50 or €100).

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Is there a limit on the number of Emergency Cash transactions I can make?

You can set up an Emergency Cash transaction once a day up to twice in any 31 days.

Can I change the amount of an Emergency Cash transaction?

Yes, you can choose between three amounts, €20, €50 or €100.

How much does it cost to use Emergency Cash?

There is a fee of €2 for every Emergency Cash transaction which is withdrawn from the ATM. There is no fee if the funds are not withdrawn.

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Can I use an ATM from another bank for Emergency Cash service?

No, this service only works on permanent tsb ATMs in Ireland.

Is there a time limit on an Emergency Cash transaction?

There is a 2 hour expiry on the Emergency Cash withdrawal from the ATM.

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