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What is a mobile Top Up?

Customers with pre-pay mobile phone need to purchase credit before they can make calls or text from their phones. This credit is called a Top Up.

What type of phone can I Top Up?

If you have a Vodafone or Eir pre-pay phone, you can purchase Top Up.

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What is the difference between pre-pay and bill pay phone?
  • Pre-pay phone: you must purchase credit (Top Up) in order to make calls or send text messages
  • Bill pay phone: you pay a monthly bill based on your contract with your mobile operator

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Do I need to register for mobile Top Up?

Yes, you must register for online banking Open24, and you must register for mobile banking to Top Up your mobile phone online.

What do I need to start using mobile Top Up?
  • You need to be registered for online banking Open24
  • You need to be registered for mobile banking

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Once I register, how do I Top Up?

On Desktop:

  • Login to
  • Select "Mobile Top Up"
  • And follow the instructions

On the permanent tsb app:

  • Select the Mobile Top Up icon on the home screen
  • Enter your Personal Access Number (PAN)
  • And follow the instructions 

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What Top Up amounts are available?

You can Top Up by €10, €20, €30, €40, and €50 through online banking Open24.

Vodafone customers only: you can Top Up by €80 and €100 on telephone banking.

Can I Top Up mobiles other than my own?

You can purchase Top Up for any Vodafone or Eir pre-pay mobile. Just provide the number and the operator of the phone that you want to Top Up, plus the amount.

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What are buddies?

Buddies are friends or family members with a Vodafone or Eir pre-pay mobile phone. You can register up to 5 buddies and top them up by using the nicknames you assign to them.

How do I register my buddies?
  • Login to
  • Select "Mobile Top Up" 
  • Select "Create buddy"
  • And follow the instructions
Can I change the account from which I pay my Top Up?

Yes. You can change your default account at any time through online banking Open24.

Is there any charge for the Top Up service?

We don’t charge you a cent. Once you register for mobile Top Up, you can Top Up any time for free.

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How long does it take for the credit to be applied to my phone?
  • Vodafone: It should only take 1 to 2 minutes for credit to be applied to your mobile, and it may take up to 10.
  • Eir: It should only take 5 minutes for credit to be applied to your mobile, and it may take up to 20.

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What do I do if I complete a Top Up but the credit doesn’t get applied to my phone?

Call us at customer support and we’ll sort you out.

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