Text Alerts Help

Once you're registered for online banking, you can set up text alerts. Here's how:

  • 1
    Log into Open24

    To login you will need your Open24 number, your internet password, and your personal access number.

  • 2
    Go to Text Alerts

    Select Mobile Banking in the menu. Once in the mobile banking section select View Text Alerts.

  • 3

    Click setup beside the account you want to set up the alert on and follow the steps.

Then what?

Take advantage of text alerts. You can get a text when:

  • A lodgement of €1,500 or more is made to your account (payday!)
  • A withdrawal of €1,000 or more is made from your account
  • Your available balance reaches less than €100

Text alerts FAQs

What transactions will text alerts notify me about?

There are 3 transaction types that will trigger a text alert:

  • A lodgement of €1,500 or more to your account
  • A withdrawal of €1,000 or more from your account
  • If you are down to a certain amount (minimum €100) of your available balance
Who sends the SMS messages?

We’ll be sending you the SMS messages. They will appear on your phone with PTSB as the sender.

Can I cancel Text Alerts?

You can cancel or amend the details of your text alerts through the Text alerts section of online banking Open24.

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