Standard Financial Statement

Your guidelines to help you complete the Standard Financial Statement (SFS) form.

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At permanent tsb we are fully committed to working with customers who are in, or are facing, financial difficulties with their mortgage repayments in order that a mutually-acceptable arrangement can be agreed. We will actively encourage contact with such customers through web sites, media and printed material.

We have specially trained staff in our offices and branches, including specialised telephone contact points, to deal with customers facing or in financial difficulties.

Why you should fill out the SFS form?

The Standard Financial Statement is designed to assist you in setting out your current financial circumstances.

We consider that the completion of the SFS is a serious undertaking and we will work with you to ensure that the information is accurate, enabling us to work with you to determine the most appropriate and viable option in each particular customer case.

It is important to fill out the SFS fully and accurately and to provide any relevant documentation that we may need to assess your situation; we will only seek information that is relevant to this assessment.

What do you need to help you fill out the SFS form?

The easiest way to see where you stand financially is to gather all the relevant information and documents so that you can write down all the money you have coming in and going out each month and complete an SFS. (If your income is weekly, multiply it by 52 and divide the result by 12 to get your monthly income.)

In the SFS you will have to provide information on your current income, expenses and other amounts you owe and any assets you own. It is important that you include all of your basic living expenses. You are also encouraged to ensure that you are maximising your income, including what social welfare entitlements you may be eligible for such as Mortgage Interest Supplement (see

What happens after you fill out the SFS form?

You should print and sign your completed SFS form and bring it to your local permanent tsb branch. Your completed SFS and other factors relating to your case will be assessed by our Arrears Support Unit which will decide whether or not an alternative repayment arrangement is necessary and, if so, what type(s) of alternative repayment arrangement(s) appropriate to your circumstances can be made available.

If you require further information, you can avail of support material available through a number of sources including You can also seek independent advice from MABS ( or an appropriate alternative. If you give us your written consent we will liaise with a third party, nominated by you, to act on your behalf.

Download the Standard Financial Statement

The Standard Financial Statement is a Microsoft Excel application.

Please note when you try to open this Excel application on your computer you may have to slightly change your Excel settings:

  1. Enable Editing

  2. Enable Content

Important Documents

The documents below apply to you if (a) your mortgaged residential property is the one in which you reside or (b) your mortgaged residential property is the only one that you own in the Republic of Ireland

Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP) Guide (164KB) 
Standard Financial Statement (xls, 714KB)
Standard Financial Statement (527KB)
Standard Financial Statement Guide (2.1MB) 
Mortgage Arrears Information & Advice Service (1.4MB)
BPFI Brochure - Important information to help people in mortgage arrears (2.2MB)
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