Important information

Important information on fees and charges you need to consider.

Estimate of costs for legal proceedings

In an event where repossession proceedings commence and are not defended by you, then it is estimated that the costs and outlays incurred will amount to approximately €6,500.00.

In the event of proceedings being defended and/or adjourned on a number of occasions and/or if the proceedings are deemed complex and/or in the event of any appeal or applications for an extension of stay on any order made, additional costs will be incurred. It is estimated that the costs and outlays incurred in respect of such proceedings will amount to approximately €13,000.00.

The cost of any proceedings will be charged to your mortgage account and will be payable by you, unless otherwise ordered by the Court.

Sale of property costs

In the event that your property is sold, solicitor and auctioneer costs will apply.  These costs will vary depending on the auctioneer/solicitor and on the sale price of the property. 

Any additional liabilities and costs associated with the property must be discharged e.g. Repairs, Property Management Fees, Non Principal Private Residence (NPPR), Local Property Tax (LPT), Capital Gains Tax (CGT), Value Added Tax (VAT) and Management Company charges/ fees. 

Where the property is in permanent tsb's possession, all liabilities and costs will be charged to the mortgage account and payable by you.

Liability for any debt outstanding

In the event that the property is sold, including repossession by the Bank, all the parties to the mortgage will be jointly and severally liable for any shortfall between the outstanding debt (including any accrued interest, charges, legal, selling and other related costs) and the proceeds from the sale of the property. Until your mortgage is paid in full, you must continue to make your monthly repayments. You should be aware that interest will continue to accrue on the debt until the loan and all costs due in relation to the sale of the property have been repaid in full.

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