Notice to all customers of the former NCU 

27th February 2015

As communicated by letter to all affected customers last October and December, the former NCU has been integrated into the permanent tsb branch network. The former NCU website is now no longer available.

We’re delighted to welcome customers of the former NCU to permanent tsb. All the information you need to know is outlined below.

Account options and access

What you need to do

To open a permanent tsb deposit account, simply drop into your local permanent tsb branch where our staff will be happy to help you open an account with us.

To open an account, please remember to bring along proof of address and identification. Please phone 045 438 210 to make an appointment in advance to avoid any possible delay.

Cashing in your bank draft

If you have received a bank draft relating to your closed NCU account, please note the following:

  • Up to 27th March 2015: You can lodge the draft to your own bank account (subject to normal clearing rules) or cash it at the former NCU building (subject to limits). Please bring along the letter you received and appropriate photo ID.
  • From 30th March 2015: the draft can be negotiated by lodgement to a bank account.

Please ensure that you have cancelled any Standing Orders that are currently made to your former NCU deposit account, as we will not be in a position to lodge these funds once your account has been closed.

Closure of NCU Building

Please note that the former NCU building will close on 27th March at 6pm.

From 30th March you can

  • Complete account transactions and make general enquires at our existing permanent tsb branch in The Court Shopping Centre, Newbridge.
  • Make Loan, Savings and Investment enquiries and applications at our new premises located at permanent tsb, 32 Main Street, Newbridge.

permanent tsb opening hours are Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm, with cash services finishing at 3pm. However, in order to facilitate all our customers from 30th March cash services in the Court Shopping Centre branch will be extended from 3pm to 4.45pm for a period of time.

Our commitment to you

Following the transfer of the former NCU to permanent tsb, permanent tsb has ensured that local people can continue to save, apply for loans and make account transactions as normal.

permanent tsb is committed to supporting the financial needs of former NCU customers. We also provide a full range of mortgage, savings and deposit products as well as access to Open24 phone and internet banking, text message banking, QuickBank self-service banking machines and access to over 70 branches nationwide.

Detailed information

If you have any queries in relation to your former NCU account, please contact us at 045 433 848. For all other queries please contact us at 045 438 210.

We want to thank you for your patience over the past number of months and look forward to continuing to serve you as a customer of permanent tsb.