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We’ve made a breakthrough with an award-winning mortgage that keeps giving, so you can keep living! Our mortgage gives you 2% cashback at drawdown and now 2% cashback on your repayments every single month until 2027.

Use our mortgage calculator to check how much you could borrow, your repayments and what your cashback could be.

2% cashback at drawdown

  • Get 2% of the value of your mortgage back in cash   
  • Cashback paid within 20 working days of mortgage drawdown
  • Offer available to both our variable and fixed rate customers
  • Offer available to qualifying applicants who receive their full mortgage Letter of Approval before 31 March 2018

Excludes tracker portability or negative equity customers (including any additional funds), buy-to-let, equity release or home improvement mortgage loans, and applicants who have drawn down any of their funds before 11 January 2016.

And 2% cashback monthly

  • Get 2% of your monthly mortgage repayment back in cash every month until 31 December 2027
  • Cashback is paid directly into your account on the first working day of the month following your repayment
  • Spend it straight away or watch it add up over a year or longer; it’s up to you
  • Offer available to both our variable and fixed rate customers
  • Offer available to qualifying applicants who receive their full mortgage Letter of Approval between 26 August 2017 and 31 March 2018

Excludes buy-to-let mortgages.

To get the 2% cashback monthly offer you must also open an Explore Account and have your mortgage paid back from this account. Only mortgage payments made by Direct Debit or Internal Standing Order from an Explore Account will get the 2% cashback monthly. Your cashback will be paid directly into your Explore Account, or other permitted permanent tsb account, at the start of each month.

The Explore Account carries a €4 monthly maintenance fee. Unpaid items and other charges may apply. eStatements only.

See here for more information about the unique benefits of the Explore Account from permanent tsb.

Competitive rates

  • Competitive fixed rates over 1, 2, 3, and 5 years
  • Lower fixed rate for mortgages of €250,000 or more
  • Prefer a variable rate? Choose from one of our managed variable rates instead (MVRs)

See here for our full list of fixed rates and managed variable rates.

Warning: You may have to pay charges if you pay off a fixed-rate loan early.

Warning: The cost of your monthly repayments may increase.

Flexible repayment options

We understand you want flexibility when paying back your mortgage. That’s why we offer a choice of flexible repayment options that could make your mortgage easier to manage.

  • Payment Holiday options – choose from two Payment Holiday options
  • Overpayment options – make regular overpayments or lump sum payments on your mortgage to reduce the term and the amount of interest you pay
  • Payment Date option – choose your preferred mortgage payment date

See our Flexible Mortgage Repayment Options Brochure (pdf, 908KB) for more information.  

Help and Guidance

  • We’re here to support you every step of the way. Check out our mortgage guide (pdf, 2.31MB) for help with buying your new home. The guide contains information on the mortgage application process as well as other useful facts and information.
  • Unsure what all those technical terms mean? Check out our handy jargon buster.
  • Have a question you need answered? Check out our list of frequently asked questions
  • Any mortgage application requires a bit of documentation. Here's a list of the main documents you’ll need to have when applying for your first mortgage.
  • Becoming a homeowner for the first time doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why permanent tsb is here to help you achieve your savings goals. For ways on how to save for your first home, check out our range of savings and deposit products.

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Important information & assumptions
  • Repayments are based on a three year fixed rate of 3.6% (4.19% APRC) and an LTV of 90%. After year three, LTV variable rate of 4.2% (4.32% APRC) applies.
  • APRC stands for Annual Percentage Rate of Charge.
  • *Your mortgage must be paid from an Explore Account to get the 2% cashback monthly offer.
  • This is not an offer of a mortgage loan. It is not legally binding and is for illustrative purposes only.
  • Mortgage applications are subject to our lending criteria, terms and conditions, and an assessment of suitability and affordability.
  • This calculator is for principal private dwellings and excludes Buy to Let properties.
  • Upon mortgage drawdown, 2% of the value will be paid directly into the customer’s mortgage paying account within 20 working days of drawdown.
  • Stage payment mortgages will receive 2% of the amount drawn at each staged payment.
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