of employees feel comfortable to be themselves at work regardless of background or life experiences


colleagues received an Institute Of Banking (IOB) accreditation, with more than 900 employees enrolled in banking education programming


nominations to our Values In Practice Awards, Permanent TSB’s colleague recognition programme

Listening To Employees And Acting On Feedback

The Every Voice Counts Employee Engagement survey is conducted at regular intervals and is designed to give our people an opportunity to provide feedback on what is working well across the organisation, while identifying areas for improvement.

In 2020, we introduced a new diagnostic tool based on a five point Likert Scale, enabling us to assess culture, colleague engagement and trust at regular intervals through a holistic approach.

Permanent TSB’s 2020 Every Voice Counts survey results showed that we increased our Culture Index by 7% to 72%, while our new Engagement Index registered at 71%, which compares strongly against industry standards. A selection of our employee survey results include:

  • 3 out of 4 employees trust Permanent TSB to do what is right, 1.4% higher than global benchmarks
  • 3 out of 4 employees feel engaged in the company and are proud to work for Permanent TSB
  • More than 85% of employees feel comfortable to be themselves at work regardless of background or life experiences

With a focus on continuous improvement, each year the Bank focuses on addressing feedback from Every Voice Counts and has a dedicated programme of work in place to support.

Supporting Career Development

Permanent TSB has in place a Career Development Framework (CDF) to support our colleagues on the job learning and development. The framework offers the tools and techniques both to support our employees in developing their careers within Permanent TSB and to enable the realisation of full potential.

The Bank’s learning and development philosophy is focussed on self-development, on the job experience and, formal online and classroom training.

Investing In Growing Our People

Permanent TSB recognises that both personal and professional training and development of the workforce plays a critical role in delivering on our purpose and ambition.

With a clear focus on equipping our people with the skills and behaviours necessary to adapt and thrive in the changing financial services landscape, the Bank provides training, education and personal and professional development opportunities to our colleagues at all levels of the organisation. Our people are supported both financially and with study leave in order to pursue professional qualifications and to assist in their career development.  We are recognised as approved employers by ACCA, Chartered Accountants Ireland and CIMA and have been recognised at a national level for excellence in learning and development in financial services.

Living As Leaders

We believe that the consistent actions and behaviours of everyone, every day is essential in creating a better future for one another and for our Bank.

With that in mind, in 2020, Permanent TSB were proud to partner with LIFT Ireland (Leading Ireland's Future Together) to launch an innovative new Programme, called ‘Living As Leaders’, which aims to promote and encourage the right behaviours across all levels within the organisation.

LIFT Ireland is a Not For Profit Organisation with a vision to make Ireland a better place to live by creating better leaders across our society and in our communities. LIFT's philosophy aligns closely with that of Permanent TSB’s, as they believe that each of us is a potential leader; whether that is within our families, our schools, our sports teams or our businesses. LIFT believe that by developing personal leadership qualities within each individual, we can develop a generation of stronger and better leaders.

More than 600 colleagues took part in the Living as Leaders Programme last year; embracing a growth mind-set and being open to improving how they do things for themselves, our customers and our communities. The Living As Leaders Programme will continue into 2021.

Values In Practice (VIP) Awards

The Bank’s employee recognition programme, the ‘Values In Practice’ or ‘VIP’ Awards, recognises employees from across the organisation that are living the Bank’s Values and are positively impacting the business.

In 2020, c.1000 nominations were received, up 100% on 2019, with representation from all parts of the business. In addition to our five ‘Values’ categories, the Bank included two additional award categories, the Community Impact Award and the Living As Leaders Award, recognising those who are having a positive and meaningful impact on the communities where they live and work, and those who consistently live all five of our Values each and every day.

Diversity And Inclusion

Permanent TSB is an equal opportunities employer committed to creating a professional environment in which our employees feel valued, included and empowered to succeed in their career, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race, religion, ability/disability, background or life experiences.

In 2018, we launched our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy to support the above ambition, with a vision to evolving our level of maturity from ‘compliance’ to ‘awareness’ on the Ernst and Young (EY) Global Maturity Model.

Actions we took in 2020 include:

  • The launch of an Equality Through Diversity And Inclusion Charter
  • A full review of our HR Policies through a Diversity and Inclusion lens
  • An accessibility review of our premises and customer processes
  • Delivering comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion training to all colleagues, with an added layer of training for our customer facing teams and those in people management positions
  • Launched Smarter Working Options to enable greater flexibility
  • Promoted a culture of psychological safety through Speak Freely, our channel for encouraging colleagues to speak up and raise a concern

In November 2020, EY completed an external diagnostic review of our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. The review confirmed that the Bank had achieved a maturity rating of ‘awareness’ on their Global Maturity Model and confirmed that there has been a sea-change in both mind-set and behaviour over the last two years.

In 2021, we will focus on further implementing and embedding our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy across all areas of our business as we continue to focus on evolving our maturity level.

Gender Balance In The Workplace

Permanent TSB is a member of the 30% Club, a group of c.200 Chairs and CEOs committed to better gender balance at all levels of their organisations. The Club’s focus is on gaining visible and practical support for gender balance from business leaders in private, public, state, local and multinational companies as well as other interested groups.

The Bank is a member of Triple FS (Female Fast Forward – FS Women in Leadership) and has actively championed women in leadership development through our partnership with the Irish Management Institute (IMI).  In addition, the Bank has in place an Early Career Development Programme, supporting our female colleagues who are only just beginning their career.

Permanent TSB supports Better Balance for Business, and played an active role in the development of the Banking and Payment Federation of Ireland’s (BPFI) Women in Finance Charter.

Employee Resource Groups

To support the delivery of the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, the Bank has set up a number of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), whose aim is to enable employees to join together based on shared characteristics or life experiences. The ERGs help diverse groups obtain a collective voice within the organisation and serve as an organised and established platform that our people can utilise to promote change.

There are currently three ERGs in place – PRISM, Permanent TSB’s LGBTQ+ Network, Better Balance, a Network focused on gender balance across the Bank, and LIFE, a Life Balance and Support Network.

The WorkEqual Campaign

To further support the work of our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, in 2020 Permanent TSB announced a three year partnership with the WorkEqual Campaign, promoting gender equality in workplaces across Ireland.

The WorkEqual campaign is NGO-led and aims to both raise awareness of workplace gender inequalities and related issues and develop solutions to address them.

Throughout the month of November, WorkEqual delivered a series of virtual panel discussions entitled, 'The Solutions Series: a whole-of-society approach to progressing gender equality' covering a range of topics from  banishing gender stereotypes and flexible working, to increasing female representation in leadership positions and was open to anyone who wished to attend, free of charge. 

Our CEO, Eamonn Crowley, represented Permanent TSB as part of the campaign and spoke at the last event of the series addressing female underrepresentation in positions of leadership and the steps we need to take to change the conversation.

With the increased challenges of Covid-19, there has never been a more important time for businesses across Ireland to focus on addressing the barriers to women's and men's full and equal participation in the workplace, taking direct and proactive steps to make this a reality across society. This is the responsibility of every employer and we are proud to contribute to this national effort, in partnership with the WorkEqual campaign.

Health, Safety And Wellbeing

The wellbeing of our employees throughout all stages of their career and personal lives is of paramount importance to us. As part of Permanent TSB’s investment in employee wellbeing, we offer a range of programmes and benefits to assist and support our people.

As part of our Employee Proposition, our people are provided with a range of financial, physical and emotional health and wellbeing programmes and benefits as outlined:

Wellbeing Offering


Physical/Emotional/Mental Health

Pension Plan

Health Screening

Income Protection Benefit

Eye Testing

Sick Pay Scheme

Employee Assistance Programme For Colleagues And Their Spouse, Adult Dependent Children And Dependent Parents (Counselling Service)

Staff Banking

Mental Health Training

Cycle To Work Scheme

Resilience Training

Annual Travel Pass Scheme

Lifestyle/Wellbeing Workshops

Employee Discount Scheme

Work Station Assessments (Both In Office And At Home)

Holiday Fund

Education Support

Life Stage Workshops

Paid Maternity And Paternity Leave


A Range Of Health And Wellbeing Related Information Sessions

In 2020, the Bank provided all colleagues with a paid Wellbeing Day, encouraging our workforce to take a day away from the office to focus on their wellbeing. In addition, we launched a new set of Mental Health Guidelines to support our people in managing their own mental health, and all colleagues were provided the opportunity to participate in comprehensive mental health training.

The Bank has an Employee Health Screening Programme that is made available to all colleagues on an annualised basis. We continued our commitment to this programme by investing in a free flu vaccination programme in October in order to further safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of our people.

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