The Bank undertook a comprehensive external review on our Responsible Business Programme, with a large focus on the Bank's environmental positioning. We have a dedicated programme of work ongoing in an environmental space and recognise that together, we can achieve more.

Green Team

Established The First permanent tsb Green Team

Low Carbon Pledge

Signature to Business in the Community Ireland's Low Carbon Pledge


Renewable energy supply for the Bank

In 2019, permanent tsb established our first Green Team, a cross functional working group who together, work on green initiatives and awareness campaigns that support our green agenda.

With the support of the wider Responsible Business Steering Committee, the team are focused on environmental programming across the following areas:

  • Energy efficiency and carbon impact
  • Use of resources and recycling
  • Green procurement
  • Biodiversity and green space
  • Volunteering initiatives with an environmental impact
  • Communication and awareness

With a focus on continuous improvement, the Green Team meet at regular intervals inviting new ideas and encouraging new ways of thinking.

Carbon Footprint

Following the completion of a significant programme of work, the Bank was delighted to report our carbon emissions for the first time in 2018. Using employee FTE as an intensity measure, we estimate that we have achieved a 41% reduction in carbon emissions per employee since 2009. This reduction reflects both efficiencies in energy use by the business and an increase in the use of renewable fuels by electricity providers. permanent tsb has a robust carbon reporting programme in place and we expect to see this downward trend continue into future.

Business In The Community Low Carbon Pledge

In 2018, at the Business in the Community Ireland Summit, over 40 of Ireland's leading companies made a dedicated pledge to significantly reduce their Carbon emissions by 2030. The 47 companies include representation from retail, manufacturing, agri-food, professional services, banks, transport and ICT.

permanent tsb is a proud member of this group of companies who have signed the Low Carbon Pledge, committing to taking action on climate change. You can read more about the Low Carbon Pledge here. 

permanent tsb Launches A New ‘Mug For Life’

In Ireland, up to 200 million single use cups are thrown away, or improperly disposed of, annually. On average, the Bank contributes 850,000 single use cups to this figure every single year and we are committed to making a change.

In November 2019, permanent tsb eradicated all single use cups from our business and replaced with a multiuse ‘Mug For Life’, supporting us in significantly reducing our environmental footprint. We look forward to building on this momentum in the weeks and months ahead with further rollouts planned.



Earth Hour

Each year in March, permanent tsb celebrates Earth Hour.

As Earth Hour typically falls outside of our regular operating hours, in the week leading up to the day, the Bank runs awareness campaigns whereby we encouraged our employees to observe the hour in their own homes with their families and friends. As part of the campaign, we provide our people with tips on how to reduce energy consumption in their own homes, should they choose to do so.

Each year, we also conduct a week long education programme on energy saving practices while in the office, encouraging our workforce to reduce their energy consumption while at work.

permanent tsb is committed to environmental sustainability and minimising the impact of our business on the natural environment. We look forward to building on this momentum in future and have a dedicated programme of work in this space to support.


Community Partners

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