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We have teamed up with Irish Life to offer customers of permanent tsb a range of investment solutions.

Clear Invest

A life assurance lump sum investment product from Irish Life.

Clear Regular Invest

A long term life assurance savings plan from Irish Life.

Smart Invest

Smart Invest, our new digital platform, makes investing in our FlexInvest product easy. Invest confidently with the support of experts.

MAPs Funds from Irish Life

Irish Life MAPS are a range of investment funds, which are available across the Irish Life pension, investment and savings plans.


We offer a range of regular saving and demand, notice and fixed term deposit accounts.

Why invest through permanent tsb?

One size doesn’t fit all, so why not let permanent tsb and Irish Life help you make the decisions that are right for you?

Sustainable Investing

Further Information on how permanent tsb considers sustainability within the investment advice it provides.

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