Congratulations, you’re getting hitched! Now comes the excitement of planning your big day, and the realisation that weddings can be super expensive. But the perfect wedding you’ve always dreamt of could be closer than you think.

Our savings tips and tricks can help you reach your all-important savings goal so you and your loved ones can make the most of your special day.

How much will I need?

The average cost for a wedding in Ireland, including the honeymoon cost is €23,395 with 5% of couples forking out over €30,000. (Source:,

Simple tips to help you reach your savings goal:

  1. Start a countdown. Start a countdown to your wedding day on your phone. There are lots of fun countdown apps you can choose from.
  2. Motivate yourself! Pin pictures of your dream wedding, including dresses, tuxedos, wedding cars, venues, invitations, hairstyles, bouquets, cakes etc. onto a Pinterest board. Or just stick some pictures onto the kitchen fridge instead!
  3. Start saving early. The earlier you start, the less you’ll have to put away each month to reach your goal.
  4. Top up your savings. Some months you might have a little extra disposable income, in that case, think about topping up your savings rather than splurging on something that doesn't contribute to your wedding goals. Adding money to your savings account is easy in Open24 Online Banking and our Mobile Apps.
  5. Open a separate savings account just for your wedding. Seeing your wedding fund increasing each month in a separate savings account will not only help to keep you motivated, but it will reduce the temptation to use your wedding savings for unrelated expenses. Just imagine seeing that number getting closer and closer to your goal each and every month!

The average price of an Irish wedding 
including a honeymoon is



increase from the previous year.

When should you 
get married?

Choosing a less popular month means
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Least expensive


Most expensive

Wedding Savings Timeline

Set up a joint savings account
Engagement & Wedding Rings

12-18 months before

Venues (Reception)

6 months before

Start wedding invitation list
Wedding Dresses & Bridal Attire
3 months' notice to Relevant Statuary Bodies

3 months before

Post wedding invitations
Finalise your Menu
Wine & Drink Catering
Food Catering

0-2 months before

Final payment for most services

After the wedding


Engagement & Wedding Rings
Book venue (reception)
Book photographer & videographer
Wedding band
Wedding Dress & Bridal Attire
Post wedding Invitations
Hen and/or stag party
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How you know you’re at an Irish Wedding 

Irish weddings are a thing of beauty. While you'll always have the usual stuff,  like fabulous dresses, teary-eyed onlookers, bouquet throwing and emotional first dances, here are a couple of things that set Irish weddings apart from the rest.

  • Betting on the speeches
  • “Beef or Salmon?”
  • Dancing to the Galway Girl
  • Ties around the head

So, whether you're a friend from abroad, or a visitor from another planet, if you notice any of these things you'll know you're at an Irish wedding!

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Make the big day your dream day.

Start your savings plan today and remember, anything you don't spend can go straight into a rainy day fund or kickstart a savings plan for your next steps as a new couple!

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