Open24 Online Banking

Open 24 has been redesigned with you in mind and now includes new and updated features. Don’t worry if you’re not registered, just click here to find out how.

Redesigned Layout

We've made our online banking simpler by bringing all your core banking needs onto the one screen. Log in now to check it out!

New Features

Now it’s even easier to manage your money online, no matter where you are, by laptop or tablet. You can view your pending transactions, BIC & IBAN numbers and even set up future dated payments.


Don’t worry, all your favourite features are still there. You can apply online for a savings account, a personal loan, access Emergency Cash and top up your mobile phone.

If you're not registered just click here to find out how

Managing Your Accounts

Whether on desktop or tablet, Open24 gives you the freedom to do more banking online. Now you can view all your accounts on the Open24 homepage. Here you’ll find your balance information and view your recent and pending transactions.

Payments & Transfers

Within the payments and transfers section you can transfer money between your accounts and to third parties, including payments to international accounts.

You can also manage your standing orders direct debits, pay your bills and add new payees. Adding a new payee is simple - all you need is their BIC and IBAN numbers.

Products and Services

Check out what else Open24 has to offer, from applying online to mobile banking and Emergency Cash.

How to Register

Call us on 1890 500 121 and enter your Open24 number

We'll give you a temporary password

Choose your personal access number (PAN)

Step 1

Give us a call on 1890 500 121 & enter your Open24 number. Your Open24 number is printed on the back of your visa Debit Card and your ATM card.

Step 2

We'll give you a temporary internet password. You will also have to choose a Personal Access Number (PAN) - this will be 6 digits - we'll ask you to key them in using your phone keypad.

Step 3

You now have everything you need to log in to Open24 Online Banking at - when you log in the first time, you will need to change your temporary password to a password of your choice. Read our guide to creating passwords.

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