Teen MyCash Account

If you’re under 18, our Teen MyCash account is a great place for your pocket money. Plus you can put your own picture on your bank card!

Don’t pay any fees
  • You won’t pay any lodging fees.
  • You won’t pay any quarterly fees.
  • You won’t pay any withdrawal fees (unless you’re withdrawing money from ATMs outside the EU or making a non euro transaction).
  • You won't pay foreign exchange transaction fees (if you’re making those transactions in a permanent tsb branch).

Read the nitty gritty details about our fees

Top up your mobile phone

Don’t search for a place to top up. With a permanent tsb MyCash account, you can top up your Vodafone or Meteor mobile phone online or by text.

Read the nitty gritty details about topups

Applying is easy

All you need for your application is:

  • a proof of ID (passport).
  • as proof of address, a letter on headed paper from your school confirming you are a pupil of that school and confirming your home address. The letter must be dated and signed by the school Principal / Vice Principal / Teacher or school Secretary.
  • proof of PPSN / Tax Reference Number

Please note: Any documents provided must be in your own name. 

If you are unable to provide any of the above documents, please contact a member of staff.

Why do we need proof of your PPSN/Tax Reference Number?

Read the nitty gritty details about applying

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