Permanent tsb has completed a number of loan sale transfers.  If your loan was included in any of these transactions, and you have questions in relation to the transfer, our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) may be of value.

Please ensure that you select the correct set of FAQs as the questions and answers are specific to each transaction.

The sale and transfer of your loan is permitted under the general mortgage conditions received when the loan was drawn down.

It is important to note that all Central Bank of Ireland statutory codes of conduct relevant to the loans will continue to apply after they have been sold.  All loans will be managed and administered in accordance with the protections contained within those codes of conduct.

Loan Sale to Start Mortgages - February 2020

Date of Transfer 07 February 2020

Permanent tsb announced the sale of certain loans to Start Mortgages DAC (trading as Start Mortgages) on 12 September 2019. Read the full statement here.

If your loan was included in the sale, letters have been issued to confirm that the loans were transferred to Start Mortgages on 07 February 2020.

If you have any questions in relation to the sale and transfer of your loan to Start Mortgages, our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below may be of value. 

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