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Welcome to your new Explore Account, the only account in Ireland that actually rewards you and gives you money back when you’re using it! And with a flat €6 monthly fee for maintaining the account and no day-to-day transaction or contactless fees, you’re always in control of what you pay. With us you know you are in safe hands as we are always finding new and better ways to bank and we are always here to help.

If you have not yet received your Visa Debit Card please click here for more information about your card delivery. 

4 easy ways to get the most out of your new Explore Account 

Get the most out of your Explore Account by switching over for all of your banking. If you haven't switched, start switching now .

1. Embrace your Explore Visa Debit Card

Think of your card differently! It might have cost you money to use with your old bank, but now with your Explore Visa Debit Card you can earn 10c cashback every time you pay with your card in-store, online or with Apple Pay or Google Pay. You can use it for the big or small things, like your morning coffee. By paying with your card only 2 times per day you can earn up to €5 cashback per month!

2. Pay your regular monthly bills with Direct Debit 

Save on your bills with exclusive offers from Sky and SSE Airtricity! You can get up to 5% cashback when you pay by Direct Debit. 

Find out more about our Partners and Cashback on Bills.

3. Use your Circle K Fuel Card every time you buy fuel

Start saving 2c per litre on your fuel by signing up for a Circle K Fuel Card and paying by Direct Debit.

Getting your Circle K Fuel Card is easy! Check here to find out how.

4. Keep track of your savings in Open24 Online Banking

With the Explore Account you’re always in control of what you pay with a flat €6 monthly maintenance fee for your account. So don’t forget to keep track of your total savings in Open24 under ‘Spend and Save due’ to ensure you are getting the maximum value out of your new Explore Account! 

Important information and assumptions
  • A €6 fee for maintaining the account per month will apply which has not been included in the calculation 

An example of possible Spend and Save earnings

Account partners features and benefits are subject to change.

If you haven’t opened an Explore account yet but you want to click here for full details.

When will I receive my Visa Debit Card?

Your account is nearly up and running. Very soon you’ll receive your Contactless Visa Debit Card, and you’ll be able to start making the most of your account and all it has to offer.

Here’s what’s going to happen over the next few days:

Timeline of receiving you Visa Debit Card and PIN.

Need more help? 

Check these Frequently Asked Questions or visit our Help & Support section

Q: I forgot my Open24 password

A: If you forget your password and need a new one, just call us on 0818 50 24 24 or click here for more information

Q: How do I view the BIC and IBAN for my account?

A: You can you view your BIC and IBAN in Open24 in the respective tab in ‘My Accounts’ option at the top of the page. Click here for more information

ICE Visa Credit Card

The flexible and convenient way to pay, and applying couldn't be easier.

Ways to bank with us

Bank whatever way suits you.

Need more information? Find out more about banking with us
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10c back as you pay

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Sky 5% cashback
SSE Airtricity 2% cashback

Save with Circle K

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Important information & assumptions
  • A €6 fee for maintaining the account per month will apply which has not been included in the calculation.
  • The information on the calculation above is indicative and may not match your actual earnings.
  • Please refer to the account information on the left hand side of this page for full details of the account.
  • For the 10c Back as you Pay benefit you can earn up to €5 per month.
  • For the Cashback on Bills benefit, a payment by Direct Debit from your Explore Account is required.
  • Explore customers can get 2c off per litre with Circle K. We use the AA National monthly average Petrol and Diesel prices to estimate how many litres you use. Average prices last updated May 2023
  • Account features, benefits and partners are subject to change.
  • No day-to-day transaction fees. Other transaction charges may apply e.g. unpaid items or ATM usage outside the Eurozone.
  • See our Terms & Conditions and Personal & Business Banking Charges booklet for more information. Available to personal customers over 18. eStatements only.
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