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Rewarding you in brand new ways

With three great ways to benefit just by using your account, the Explore Account is a revolution in everyday banking. See below for account key information.

You shouldn’t have to change your life to get the most out of your account. Switch today and start earning cashback with:

3 great benefits

Three great benefits from permanent tsb


GoREWARDS is our exciting way of rewarding current account customers with cashback from a wide range of your favourite high street and online brands, when you pay by Visa Debit Card.

By registering for GoREWARDS, every week you will receive personalised offers for the kind of things you like to buy. As long as you're using your Visa Debit Card and redeeming your offers, you should begin to notice cashback appearing from time to time in your Explore Account.

Once you’ve received your Visa Debit Card simply register here. Learn more about how GoREWARDS works.

Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions and start redeeming today. Each offer can vary but you will find the offer terms once you are signed in to GoREWARDS.

10c back as you Pay

Every time you pay with your card in-store or online, you‘ll get 10c back. And as you keep using your card, we’ll keep rewarding you. You can earn up to €5 per month. So for example if you were to use your card to pay once a day that’s an average of €3 cashback each month.

  • You can keep track of your 10c cashback total during the month on Open24 Online Banking.
  • Then your total will be credited to your Explore Account at the start of each month.

Please note, that pending transactions must be processed by the Merchant before qualifying for 10c back as you pay. Please be aware this may affect your monthly Rewards Total.

Cashback on Bills

We‘ve partnered with some of Ireland’s leading brands, such as Sky, SSE Airtricity, and Circle K to bring you great savings on your regular bills. Whether you are a new or existing customer with our partners you can get up to 5% cashback when you pay by Direct Debit.

  • You can keep track of your cashback on Open24 Online Banking.
  • Your Cashback on Bills will be credited to your Explore Account at the start of each month.

Find out more about our Partners and Cashback On Bills.

You‘re in control of your fees

With the Explore Account you’re always in control of what you pay with a flat €6 monthly fee for maintaining the account. There are no day-to-day transaction fees for using your Visa Debit Card, or for other things like Direct Debits and Standing Orders. There may be other charges for things like Government Stamp Duty on your debit card, unpaid items, or if you use an ATM outside the Eurozone.

Account partners features and benefits are subject to change.

Important information & assumptions

  • *€6 fee for maintaining the account per month will apply which has not been included in the calculation.

See our Terms & Conditions and Personal & Business Banking Charges booklet for more information. Available to personal customers over 18. eStatements only.

Read the nitty gritty details.

Switching to the new Explore Account is easy and our dedicated Switch Team will help you along the way. To switch your account you can:

  • Book an appointment in your local branch where we can begin the switch with you in person
  • Start your switch with us online or over the phone on 1890 500 188 or +353 1 215 1385 and we'll send you an At Home Switching Pack.

What documents do I need to switch?

Whether you decide to switch in branch or at home, there’s just a few documents we’ll need from you to keep things official:

  • ID verification, like your passport
  • Address verification such as a utility bill
  • Last 3 months statements from your old bank
  • Information about your non-Irish tax residency (where applicable), including Taxpayer Identification Number(s)

Find out more about the required documents.

A snapshot of the Switching Process

Changing your bank provider is a simple two part process: Opening your account and Switching. Once you've opened your account with us, we'll manage the switch process with just a little help from you.

  1. Getting your Switch started

    The first thing to know is that there is no need to drop in to your old bank if you want to switch your account; just come straight to us and we'll open your new account, and ensure it’s up and running within 10 working days of the Switch Start Date.

  2. Your Switch Start Date

    Whether you phone us or drop into a branch, one of the forms we'll ask you to complete is the account switching form. Here you'll indicate your Switch Start Date. We'll help you pick a date that suits you best.

  3. Direct Debits and Standing Orders

    We'll send this form to your old bank and they will send you a list of your Standing Orders and Direct Debits to review. Your old bank will send your Direct Debit originators your new account details so that all of your Direct Debits can be transferred over. We'll take care of any Standing Orders.

  4. Completing the Switch

    We'll let you know when your switch is complete.

Ways to bank with us

Bank whatever way suits you.

Need more information? Find out more about banking with us

How much
could you earn?

10c back as you pay

How many times do you use your card to pay?

Cashback on bills

How much is your monthly bill?

Sky 5% cashback
SSE Airtricity 2% cashback

Save with Circle K

Please fill in all the fields above to get started!

Important information & assumptions
  • A €6 fee for maintaining the account per month will apply which has not been included in the calculation.
  • The information on the calculation above is indicative and may not match your actual earnings.
  • Please refer to the account information on the left hand side of this page for full details of the account.
  • For the 10c Back as you Pay benefit you can earn up to €5 per month.
  • For the Cashback on Bills benefit, a payment by Direct Debit from your Explore Account is required.
  • Explore customers can get 2c off per litre with Circle K. We use the AA National monthly average Petrol and Diesel prices to estimate how many litres you use. Average prices last updated August 2020
  • Account features, benefits and partners are subject to change.
  • No day-to-day transaction fees. Other transaction charges may apply e.g. unpaid items or ATM usage outside the Eurozone.
  • See our Terms & Conditions and Personal & Business Banking Charges booklet for more information. Available to personal customers over 18. eStatements only.
Basic Payment Account

This account is available to customers who don’t already hold a payment account or current account in the Republic of Ireland.


We can get you set up with an overdraft giving you extra flexibility when you need it most

The Nitty Gritty

Read the nitty gritty details about our new Explore Account

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