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GoREWARDS our exciting way of rewarding current account customers with cashback from a wide range of your favourite high street and online brands, when you pay by Visa Debit Card.

Just by using your permanent tsb Visa Debit Card you can redeem your own personalised offers from some of your favourite brands. 

Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions and start redeeming today. Each offer can vary but you will find the offer terms once you are signed in to GoREWARDS.

How does GoREWARDS work?

Step 1 - Register

Register on the GoREWARDS website and every week you will receive personalised offers for the kind of things you like to buy.

Step 2 - Redeem

You can redeem these offers by signing in, viewing your offer, and then pay by Visa Debit Card (in line with the terms of the offer).

Step 3 - Reward

You should then begin to notice cashback appearing in your permanent tsb Current Account within 5 working days.

You can view all your earnings on your recent transactions on Open24 Online Banking and on your statement.

Register for GoREWARDS now!

Key information

This service is provided by Visa. Service features, benefits and partners are subject to change. Available to personal customers, over 16. Debit Card transaction charges may apply depending on account type. See our Fees and charges booklet for more information.

Find out more

If you have any more questions just check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Terms and conditions for GoREWARDS apply. These terms and conditions shall apply between you and Visa, and not between you and permanent tsb. See Visa Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for more information.

Please note: Terms and conditions applicable to the security and use of your information and personal data by Visa include analysing your spending habits. You will be asked for this consent at registration. This will allow Visa to present you with relevant offers. GoREWARDS cashback will be paid into the account linked to your registered Visa Debit Card, typically within five business days from the transaction, but may take longer. On closure of your Current Account, you will lose your entitlement to any pending Visa cashback.


Learn more about getting started and how to make the most of GoREWARDS.

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