Opening a Student Account is simpler than ever! 

We understand that you’re busy putting your head down and figuring out how to make your mark on the world while having good fun at the same time! So if you’re a student over 18, we have a current account that’s right for you.

No senseless fees!

With our Student Current Account you won’t pay any senseless bank charges.

  • No day-to-day transaction charges such as direct debit fees, fees for cash lodgements and withdrawals cash, or fees for using your debit card to make purchases in euro.  
  • No quarterly fee for maintaining the account.
  • No foreign exchange charges when you order foreign currency in branch and apply for an exemption.

Other transaction charges may apply. These charges include:

  • ATM usage outside the Eurozone.
  • Using a Debit card for purchases in a foreign currency or outside the Eurozone.
  • Referral item fees or unpaid item fees. A referral item fee of €5 per item (up to a maximum of €15 a day) will be charged if a standing order, direct debit or cheque is presented for payment and is paid, but there isn’t enough money in your account to meet the debit at the time. An unpaid item fee of €10 will be applied to your Student Current Account for all unpaid direct debits, standing orders or cheques.

Please see our full terms and conditions and the Personal and Business Banking Charges booklet for more details.  

Our Student Account is available for a period of 5 years. After 5 years your Student Account will convert to the personal current account available at the time.


No coupons. No codes. No vouchers.

GoREWARDS is an exciting new way of giving you cashback on a wide range of your favourite high street and online brands, in partnership with Visa.

Just by using your Visa Debit Card you can redeem your own personalised offers.

Find out how GoREWARDS works.

Plus get all the regular banky stuff you'd expect too:

What do I need?

There’s just a few documents we’ll need from you to keep things official:

  • ID verification, like your passport.
  • Address verification such as a utility bill.
  • Proof that you’re attending a third level institution.

See our required documents page for details.

Please note: The permanent tsb Student Current Account is available to students 18 years of age or over and in full-time third level education (including full-time post-graduateship studies with a minimum duration of 1 year) for a maximum period of 5 years only. Only 1 account per student is permitted.

Ways to bank with us

Bank whatever way suits you.

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