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Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP) Overview

permanent tsb has a Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP) in place to help Home Loan customers who are experiencing difficulties in making their mortgage repayments now, or who may have difficulties making their mortgage repayments in the future.
permanent tsb has put in place a MARP framework for dealing with each of the following types of borrowers - those in mortgage arrears, those in pre-arrears and those who fall under the MARP.

Read our helpful guide on permanent tsb‘s Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (pdf, 283KB).

permanent tsb has trained staff that you can contact by telephone on 0818 66 44 44 or 021 601 3800 and who will be pleased to talk you through our MARP.  Alternatively, we have dedicated Mortgage Consultants in every branch who can also talk to you about our MARP. Our Useful Contacts section can help you find out who to call if you need help and advice with your mortgage repayments.

Step One: Communication – Talk to us

If you are having trouble meeting your mortgage repayments or are worried that you may have trouble in the future, please get in touch.

We have a dedicated team available to take your call on 1800 855 010 or 021 601 3800.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8.45am to 6pm (excluding bank holidays)

Call in to any permanent tsb branch. We have a team of trained staff at all of our branches that will help you if you feel you may have difficulties repaying your mortgage. We are here to help. It is important that you engage with us to prioritise your mortgage repayments.

Step Two: Financial information

You will need to complete and sign the Standard Financial Statement (SFS) either through our online web form or through our SFS PDF, which will give us a clear picture of your current financial situation.  Details of the supporting documentation required from you with the completed SFS, are contained in our guide, Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process.

You can also do this in your local permanent tsb branch with the help of one of our mortgage consultants. Or, you can call us on 0818 66 44 44 or 021 601 3801 and we can begin an SFS with you over the phone and /or issue you with forms and supporting information by post.

Step Three: Assessment

We have an Arrears Support Unit (ASU) with a team of dedicated professionals who will assess your SFS and supporting documentation.
We will take the following factors into consideration when assessing your situation:

  • Your personal circumstances - your income and expenditure, including any extra income available to repay your mortgage.
  • Your current ability to make repayments.
  • Your overall level of debt.
  • Your previous repayment history.
  • Your financial outlook and any possible changes that may affect your ability to meet your mortgage repayments in full, such as expected future income and expenditure. 
Step Four: Resolution

When reviewing your mortgage with you, we will consider a number of alternative repayment arrangements. The availability of the arrangements will depend on your individual circumstances and our assessment of your SFS.

Where we are unable to agree an alternative repayment arrangement with you, and depending on your individual circumstances, there are  other options that may be available to you. The availability of any one of these options depends on an individual assessment of your case and meeting appropriate qualifying conditions (ours or a third party’s).

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